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posted by martyb on Wednesday February 15, @05:03PM   Printer-friendly

Have a few issues with the new "[Continues...]" item which is automatically added to stories that have a non-empty "Extended Copy" section.

1) When editing a story, the "[Continues...]" text does not appear when I click on the "Preview" button.

2) Accidentally discovered it is implemented as a link, not just plain text, when I somehow clicked on it on the main page and saw the extended copy text suddenly appear... this is confusing. It looks exactly like the text we editors previously inserted into stories manually, but has a different effect -- need to visually distinguish it from the old-style, text-only version (e.g. one couldunderline the link but see next item).

3) Once I click on the "[Continues...]" link on the main page and see the expanded text, I see no way to re-collapse it. :(

4) May I suggest reusing the "Expand/Collapse comment" single-chevron that is employed in the new threaded comment code?

5) For completeness' sake, the prior 4 items were in the "Intro Copy" text box, and this item is at the top of the "Extended Copy" text box.

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  • (Score: 2) by paulej72 on Wednesday February 15, @10:09PM (1 child)

    by paulej72 (58) on Wednesday February 15, @10:09PM (#31063) Journal
    Live with it :P
    Team Leader for SN Development Dev Server []
    • (Score: 2) by martyb on Thursday February 16, @11:06PM

      by martyb (76) on Thursday February 16, @11:06PM (#31096) Journal
      I think we should, at the very lest, put an underline on the link to visually distinguish it from all of the pre-existing, text-only instances that we've used on our site for years.