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posted by fyngyrz on Thursday March 08 2018, @10:56AM   Printer-friendly
from the HEPA-filter dept.

A new study showed a link between strong right-wing views and fear of disease and increased concern about hygiene.

The study showed that people who are more offended by bad odors are more likely to support authoritarian leaders such as Donald Trump.

In the past, disgust at bad odors may have been important for survival. The scientists suggested that the disgust at unfamiliar odors may be linked to a desire to keep apart from "culturally unfamiliar" groups.

Jonas Olofsson, a researcher in scent and psychology at Stockholm University, said:

It showed that people who were more disgusted by smells were also more likely to vote for Donald Trump than those who were less sensitive,

We thought that was interesting because Donald Trump talks frequently about how different people disgust him.

The research was published in Royal Society Open Science.

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Original Submission

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