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posted by Bytram on Wednesday January 24 2018, @06:45AM   Printer-friendly
from the this-'space'-for-rent dept.

Issue: #402: Comments with no apparent subject using a unicode space

Chromas used a unicode space or zero-width space character to make a comment with no apparent subject. When you get a Message about receiving the comment, the CID is not clickable like it normally would be.

Added 20180115_194523 UTC

There are two comments posted to a journal article and one comment posted to a main page story.

Another view of the subjects in these cases:

mysql> SELECT sid,cid,uid,hex(subject) FROM comments WHERE cid IN (559159, 559241, 568360);
| sid   | cid    | uid | hex(subject)             |
| 21276 | 559159 |  34 | E2808BE2808BE2808BE2808B |
| 21276 | 559241 |  34 | E2808BE2808BE2808BE2808B |
| 21579 | 568360 |  34 | E281A0E2808B             |
3 rows in set (0.00 sec)

See Also: "Unicode Character 'ZERO WIDTH SPACE' (U+200B)" "Unicode Character 'WORD JOINER' (U+2060)"

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