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posted by Bytram on Thursday December 14 2017, @02:40PM   Printer-friendly
from the early-Christmas-gift dept.

Here is a summary of the problems that have been reported against SoylentNews and that have been addressed in the release labelled: "December 2017"

  • Pull Request: #414 addresses:
    • Issue: #279 "Add min karma for the journals slashbox"

      Accounts signing up then posting commercial spam Journal entries in order to appear on most user's view of the main SN site, within the Most Recent Journal Entries box. Whilst offering zero other contribution to the community.

      A. Most Recent Journal Entries only to be populated with Journal entries by accounts with a Karma > N. 5 to be the initial value for N (that would hide all currently seen Journal spam from view), but should be an easily tweaked parameter should we need to revisit this threshold).

      B. Addition of a link to "Unfiltered Most Recent Journal Entries" to be added to the bottom of the Most Recent Journal Entries rehashbox so users can easily compare the filtered to unfiltered lists.

      This change will need to be clearly announced and rationale explained. We will also need to monitor effectiveness in case spam accounts begin to farm Karma in order to route around this change.

  • Pull Request: #420 addresses:

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  • (Score: 2) by Bytram on Monday January 01 2018, @08:27AM

    by Bytram (4031) Subscriber Badge on Monday January 01 2018, @08:27AM (#31485) Journal

    Here's the perfect way to implement this:

    +1 Cynical
    +1 Optimistic

    -1 Gloomy
    -1 Naïve

    1. Cynical and Gloomy are synonyms, as well as Optimistic and Naïve. But the moderator chooses whether to assign the positive or negative version.
    2. Gloomy allows you to describe someone as if they are a bog monster.
    3. Naïve gives us an excuse to use another moderation with a special character in it.
    4. If you wanted another ±0 moderation, it should be ±0 Agree, as a counterpart to Disagree.

    I believe these moderations would be extremely popular.

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