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40,000 AT&T Mobility Workers Have Walked Out Until Monday

Via the UCOMM Communications Blog, Kris LaGrange reports []

Nearly 40,000 AT&T Mobility workers walked off the job at 3 PM on Friday [May 19] to kick off a three-day [walkout][1]. When the CWA [Communications Workers of America] went on strike against Verizon last summer, only 36,000 [withheld] their labor, but that strike lasted seven long weeks.[2]
This [walkout][1] will be the first [labor action][1] for AT&T Mobility employees and will represent the largest retail worker [labor action][1] in United States history. It will also include some AT&T line workers in California and Nevada as well as DIRECTV techs. The strike is scheduled to run from Friday until Monday. To find a strike location and join the AT&T employees on the picket line, click here [].[3]

[1] If this was actually a "strike", they wouldn't be going back to work Monday without an agreement. CWA's leadership is a bunch of Caspar Milquetoasts who are very careful to never upset corporate management too much.

[2] ...and CWA officers ordered the Verizon rank and file back to work without showing them a signed agreement from the corporation first. Again: Management-friendly union officials.

[3] Content is behind scripts. A little research via shows that the page also wants to load a bunch of webfonts.
Though I noticed it when I looked at the page's source code, my presentation of the page doesn't even show the part that says

A version of this action that uses less javacript and may be usable for those who don't use javascript is available at [ridiculous link (2 null parameters in the original) with equally ridiculous link text--and it still tries to load scripts] []

For a technology-related site, I'm not impressed with their technologists' work.

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