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I keep getting asked 'Who are you guys', so to help unload some of that extra mail from my box I have now provided this nice little page with a summary of the active authors here, along with the number of articles that they have posted.
Programming experience: Real-time avionic systems, Algol, CORAL66, C, C++, Python. For fun: Computing and technology. I also play guitar, banjo and tin whistle.
Honesty is the absence of the intent to deceive.
I'm Michael, local administrator and madman on SoylentNews. I'm an adventurer, writer, and developer who lives out of his backpack travelling the world.


I wear a lot of hats around here: editor, community support lead, staff-herder, wiki spammer, doctor, admiral, and suggestions/bug wrangler (just to name a few). Please let me know how I can do any of the above tasks with more efficacy.
This is my Bio.
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