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posted by martyb on Monday April 09, @06:16PM   Printer-friendly
from the ? dept.

This is a test story on which there is to be a sufficient number of comments to cause them to spill onto a subsequent page.

The intent is to have a place to experiment with ways to better call out that pagination has occurred.

This in response to a problem reported by a user where they thought their comment had disappeared.

:: Specify cookie first, otherwise, the chain of invocations ends up defaulting to martyb:
CALL SN_API_cookies "cookies.martyb.txt"

:: This is the story we want to post comments to:
CALL SN_API_story_URL ""

:: Non-subscribers need to wait 10s after getting reskey before they can post a comment;
:: Subscribers do not need to wait:
CALL SN_API_comment_sleep 0s

SET sn

CALL comment 0000
SET sn
   CALL comment 0001 --reply-to 0000
      CALL comment 0002 --reply-to 0001
         CALL comment 0003 --reply-to 0002
         CALL comment 0004 --reply-to 0002
      CALL comment 0005 --reply-to 0001
         CALL comment 0006 --reply-to 0005
         CALL comment 0007 --reply-to 0005
   CALL comment 0008 --reply-to 0000
      CALL comment 0009 --reply-to 0008
         CALL comment 0010 --reply-to 0009
         CALL comment 0011 --reply-to 0009
      CALL comment 0012 --reply-to 0008
         CALL comment 0013 --reply-to 0012
         CALL comment 0014 --reply-to 0012

CALL comment 0015
   CALL comment 0016 --reply-to 0015
      CALL comment 0017 --reply-to 0016
         CALL comment 0018 --reply-to 0017
         CALL comment 0019 --reply-to 0017
      CALL comment 0020 --reply-to 0016
         CALL comment 0021 --reply-to 0020
         CALL comment 0022 --reply-to 0020
   CALL comment 0023 --reply-to 0015
      CALL comment 0024 --reply-to 0023
         CALL comment 0025 --reply-to 0024
         CALL comment 0026 --reply-to 0024
      CALL comment 0027 --reply-to 0023
         CALL comment 0028 --reply-to 0027
         CALL comment 0029 --reply-to 0027

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