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posted by martyb on Saturday April 01 2017, @03:59PM   Printer-friendly
from the Have-fun! dept.

Test story created at 20170228_001952 UTC for paulej72 to have a place to play around with comments.

some more.

CALL comment 0000
SET sn
   CALL comment 0001 --reply-to 0000
      CALL comment 0002 --reply-to 0001

CALL comment 0003
   CALL comment 0004 --reply-to 0003
      CALL comment 0005 --reply-to 0004

CALL comment 0006
   CALL comment 0007 --reply-to 0006
      CALL comment 0008 --reply-to 0007
         CALL comment 0009 --reply-to 0008

CALL comment 0010
   CALL comment 0011 --reply-to 0010
      CALL comment 0012 --reply-to 0011

CALL comment 0013
   CALL comment 0014 --reply-to 0013
      CALL comment 0015 --reply-to 0014

CALL comment 0016
   CALL comment 0017 --reply-to 0016
      CALL comment 0018 --reply-to 0017
         CALL comment 0019 --reply-to 0018

CALL comment 0020
   CALL comment 0021 --reply-to 0020
      CALL comment 0022 --reply-to 0021

CALL comment 0023
   CALL comment 0024 --reply-to 0023
      CALL comment 0025 --reply-to 0024

CALL comment 0026
   CALL comment 0027 --reply-to 0026
      CALL comment 0028 --reply-to 0027
         CALL comment 0029 --reply-to 0028

CALL comment 0030
   CALL comment 0031 --reply-to 0030
      CALL comment 0032 --reply-to 0031

CALL comment 0033
   CALL comment 0034 --reply-to 0033
      CALL comment 0035 --reply-to 0034

CALL comment 0036
   CALL comment 0037 --reply-to 0036
      CALL comment 0038 --reply-to 0037
         CALL comment 0039 --reply-to 0038

CALL comment 0040
   CALL comment 0041 --reply-to 0040
      CALL comment 0042 --reply-to 0041

CALL comment 0043
   CALL comment 0044 --reply-to 0043
      CALL comment 0045 --reply-to 0044

CALL comment 0046
   CALL comment 0047 --reply-to 0046
      CALL comment 0048 --reply-to 0047
         CALL comment 0049 --reply-to 0048

CALL comment 0050
   CALL comment 0051 --reply-to 0050
      CALL comment 0052 --reply-to 0051

CALL comment 0053
   CALL comment 0054 --reply-to 0053
      CALL comment 0055 --reply-to 0054

CALL comment 0056
   CALL comment 0057 --reply-to 0056
      CALL comment 0058 --reply-to 0057
         CALL comment 0059 --reply-to 0058

posted by cmn32480 on Saturday March 18 2017, @05:57PM   Printer-friendly
from the your-momma-wears-combat-boots dept.

Research has shown that smartphone sensors leave trackable fingerprints. Due to imperfections in the hardware manufacturing process, it is possible to distinguish different devices just from sensor data.

The researchers tested more than 100 devices over the course of nine months: 80 standalone accelerometer chips used in popular smartphones, 25 Android phones and two tablets.

The accelerometers in all permutations were selected from different manufacturers, to ensure that the fingerprints weren't simply defects resulting from a particular production line.

With 96-percent accuracy, the researchers could discriminate one sensor from another.

"We do not need to know any other information about the phone—no phone number or SIM card number," Dey said. "Just by looking at the data, we can tell you which device it's coming from. It's almost like another identifier."

Maybe this explains why Facebook would be interested in a fitness app.

Original Submission

posted by martyb on Thursday July 28 2016, @09:39PM   Printer-friendly

Story posted to the meta section.

This is the second paragraph

This is the third, and last, paragraph.

Original Submission

posted by martyb on Thursday July 28 2016, @07:37PM   Printer-friendly
from the meta-hyper-control-alt-cokebottle dept.

Here's some text for the submission

Original Submission

posted by The Mighty Buzzard on Thursday August 20 2015, @06:02AM   Printer-friendly
from the testes-testes-1-2-3 dept.

some random text here. need to determine if getStoriesEssentials is behaving correctly.

Original Submission

posted by mrcoolbp on Monday August 10 2015, @10:38AM   Printer-friendly
from the testing-nexuses dept.

SpallsHurgenson dropped a link in IRC.Apparently, an imgr user was uploaded 142 behind the sceenes photos of minitures frm blade runner. A massive gallery of behind-the-scenes Blade Runner slides has been uploaded to the internet, revealing a teeny, tiny world of space blimps and flying cars, all crafted with special care and beautiful attention to detail. Take a look at the dystopian miniatures, each tiny car hand painted with future dirt from riding clouds stuffed with future smug.

Original Submission

posted by martyb on Thursday June 04 2015, @03:44PM   Printer-friendly
from the bug-85-test dept.

I have a theory that bug #85 might have something to do with a story which has a title which contains a character > U+007f

This story has the character ‘ before the word "prod" and the character ’ immediately after it. Those characters correspond to U+2018 and U+2019, respectively.

Will be interesting to see if this story gets e-mailed out okay.

NC: testing story edit. Test54

  • one
  • two
  • three
  • four
posted by NCommander on Friday May 15 2015, @07:33PM   Printer-friendly
from the Test dept.
�_�_�_�_�_�_�_�_ _ _�_�_ _�_�_� �_�_�_�_�_�_�_�_�_�_�_�_�_�_�_ !_"_#_$_%_&_'_(_)_*_+_,_-_._/_0 1_2_3_4_5_6_7_8_9_:_;__?_@ A_B_C_D_E_F_G_H_I_J_K_L_M_N_O_P Q_R_S_T_U_V_W_X_Y_Z_[_\_]_^___` a_b_c_d_e_f_g_h_i_j_k_l_m_n_o_p q_r_s_t_u_v_w_x_y_z_{_|_}_~_�_€ �_‚_ƒ_„_…_†_‡_ˆ_‰_Š_‹_Œ_�_Ž_�_� ‘_’_“_”_•_–_—_˜_™_š_›_œ_�_ž_Ÿ_  ¡_¢_£_¤_¥_¦_§_¨_©_ª_«_¬_­_®_¯_° ±_²_³_´_µ_¶_·_¸_¹_º_»_¼_½_¾_¿_À Á_Â_Ã_Ä_Å_Æ_Ç_È_É_Ê_Ë_Ì_Í_Î_Ï_Ð Ñ_Ò_Ó_Ô_Õ_Ö_×_Ø_Ù_Ú_Û_Ü_Ý_Þ_ß_à á_â_ã_ä_å_æ_ç_è_é_ê_ë_ì_í_î_ï_ð ñ_ò_ó_ô_õ_ö_÷_ø_ù_ú_û_ü_ý_þ_ÿ_Ā ā_Ă_ă_Ą_ą_Ć_ć_Ĉ_ĉ_Ċ_ċ_Č_č_Ď_ď_Đ đ_Ē_ē_Ĕ_ĕ_Ė_ė_Ę_ę_Ě_ě_Ĝ_ĝ_Ğ_ğ_Ġ ġ_Ģ_ģ_Ĥ_ĥ_Ħ_ħ_Ĩ_ĩ_Ī_ī_Ĭ_ĭ_Į_į_İ ı_IJ_ij_Ĵ_ĵ_Ķ_ķ_ĸ_Ĺ_ĺ_Ļ_ļ_Ľ_ľ_Ŀ_ŀ Ł_ł_Ń_ń_Ņ_ņ_Ň_ň_ʼn_Ŋ_ŋ_Ō_ō_Ŏ_ŏ_Ő ő_Œ_œ_Ŕ_ŕ_Ŗ_ŗ_Ř_ř_Ś_ś_Ŝ_ŝ_Ş_ş_Š š_Ţ_ţ_Ť_ť_Ŧ_ŧ_Ũ_ũ_Ū_ū_Ŭ_ŭ_Ů_ů_Ű ű_Ų_ų_Ŵ_ŵ_Ŷ_ŷ_Ÿ_Ź_ź_Ż_ż_Ž_ž_ſ_ƀ Ɓ_Ƃ_ƃ_Ƅ_ƅ_Ɔ_Ƈ_ƈ_Ɖ_Ɗ_Ƌ_ƌ_ƍ_Ǝ_Ə_Ɛ Ƒ_ƒ_Ɠ_Ɣ_ƕ_Ɩ_Ɨ_Ƙ_ƙ_ƚ_ƛ_Ɯ_Ɲ_ƞ_Ɵ_Ơ ơ_Ƣ_ƣ_Ƥ_ƥ_Ʀ_Ƨ_ƨ_Ʃ_ƪ_ƫ_Ƭ_ƭ_Ʈ_Ư_ư Ʊ_Ʋ_Ƴ_ƴ_Ƶ_ƶ_Ʒ_Ƹ_ƹ_ƺ_ƻ_Ƽ_ƽ_ƾ_ƿ_ǀ ǁ_ǂ_ǃ_DŽ_Dž_dž_LJ_Lj_lj_NJ_Nj_nj_Ǎ_ǎ_Ǐ_ǐ Ǒ_ǒ_Ǔ_ǔ_Ǖ_ǖ_Ǘ_ǘ_Ǚ_ǚ_Ǜ_ǜ_ǝ_Ǟ_ǟ_Ǡ ǡ_Ǣ_ǣ_Ǥ_ǥ_Ǧ_ǧ_Ǩ_ǩ_Ǫ_ǫ_Ǭ_ǭ_Ǯ_ǯ_ǰ DZ_Dz_dz_Ǵ_ǵ_Ƕ_Ƿ_Ǹ_ǹ_Ǻ_ǻ_Ǽ_ǽ_Ǿ_ǿ_Ȁ ȁ_Ȃ_ȃ_Ȅ_ȅ_Ȇ_ȇ_Ȉ_ȉ_Ȋ_ȋ_Ȍ_ȍ_Ȏ_ȏ_Ȑ ȑ_Ȓ_ȓ_Ȕ_ȕ_Ȗ_ȗ_Ș_ș_Ț_ț_Ȝ_ȝ_Ȟ_ȟ_Ƞ ȡ_Ȣ_ȣ_Ȥ_ȥ_Ȧ_ȧ_Ȩ_ȩ_Ȫ_ȫ_Ȭ_ȭ_Ȯ_ȯ_Ȱ ȱ_Ȳ_ȳ_ȴ_ȵ_ȶ_ȷ_ȸ_ȹ_Ⱥ_Ȼ_ȼ_Ƚ_Ⱦ_ȿ_ɀ Ɂ_ɂ_Ƀ_Ʉ_Ʌ_Ɇ_ɇ_Ɉ_ɉ_Ɋ_ɋ_Ɍ_ɍ_Ɏ_ɏ_ɐ ɑ_ɒ_ɓ_ɔ_ɕ_ɖ_ɗ_ɘ_ə_ɚ_ɛ_ɜ_ɝ_ɞ_ɟ_ɠ ɡ_ɢ_ɣ_ɤ_ɥ_ɦ_ɧ_ɨ_ɩ_ɪ_ɫ_ɬ_ɭ_ɮ_ɯ_ɰ ɱ_ɲ_ɳ_ɴ_ɵ_ɶ_ɷ_ɸ_ɹ_ɺ_ɻ_ɼ_ɽ_ɾ_ɿ_ʀ ʁ_ʂ_ʃ_ʄ_ʅ_ʆ_ʇ_ʈ_ʉ_ʊ_ʋ_ʌ_ʍ_ʎ_ʏ_ʐ ʑ_ʒ_ʓ_ʔ_ʕ_ʖ_ʗ_ʘ_ʙ_ʚ_ʛ_ʜ_ʝ_ʞ_ʟ_ʠ ʡ_ʢ_ʣ_ʤ_ʥ_ʦ_ʧ_ʨ_ʩ_ʪ_ʫ_ʬ_ʭ_ʮ_ʯ_ʰ ʱ_ʲ_ʳ_ʴ_ʵ_ʶ_ʷ_ʸ_ʹ_ʺ_ʻ_ʼ_ʽ_ʾ_ʿ_ˀ ˁ_˂_˃_˄_˅_ˆ_ˇ_ˈ_ˉ_ˊ_ˋ_ˌ_ˍ_ˎ_ˏ_ː ˑ_˒_˓_˔_˕_˖_˗_˘_˙_˚_˛_˜_˝_˞_˟_ˠ ˡ_ˢ_ˣ_ˤ_˥_˦_˧_˨_˩_˪_˫_ˬ_˭_ˮ_˯_˰ ˱_˲_˳_˴_˵_˶_˷_˸_˹_˺_˻_˼_˽_˾_˿_̀ ́_̂_̃_̄_̅_̆_̇_̈_̉_̊_̋_̌_̍_̎_̏_̐ ̑_̒_̓_̔_̕_̖_̗_̘_̙_̚_̛_̜_̝_̞_̟_̠ ̡_̢_̣_̤_̥_̦_̧_̨_̩_̪_̫_̬_̭_̮_̯_̰ ̱_̲_̳_̴_̵_̶_̷_̸_̹_̺_̻_̼_̽_̾_̿_̀ ́_͂_̓_̈́_ͅ_͆_͇_͈_͉_͊_͋_͌_͍_͎_͏_͐ ͑_͒_͓_͔_͕_͖_͗_͘_͙_͚_͛_͜_͝_͞_͟_͠ ͡_͢_ͣ_ͤ_ͥ_ͦ_ͧ_ͨ_ͩ_ͪ_ͫ_ͬ_ͭ_ͮ_ͯ_Ͱ ͱ_Ͳ_ͳ_ʹ_͵_Ͷ_ͷ_͸_͹_ͺ_ͻ_ͼ_ͽ_;_Ϳ_΀ ΁_΂_΃_΄_΅_Ά_·_Έ_Ή_Ί_΋_Ό_΍_Ύ_Ώ_ΐ Α_Β_Γ_Δ_Ε_Ζ_Η_Θ_Ι_Κ_Λ_Μ_Ν_Ξ_Ο_Π Ρ_΢_Σ_Τ_Υ_Φ_Χ_Ψ_Ω_Ϊ_Ϋ_ά_έ_ή_ί_ΰ α_β_γ_δ_ε_ζ_η_θ_ι_κ_λ_μ_ν_ξ_ο_π ρ_ς_σ_τ_υ_φ_χ_ψ_ω_ϊ_ϋ_ό_ύ_ώ_Ϗ_ϐ ϑ_ϒ_ϓ_ϔ_ϕ_ϖ_ϗ_Ϙ_ϙ_Ϛ_ϛ_Ϝ_ϝ_Ϟ_ϟ_Ϡ ϡ_Ϣ_ϣ_Ϥ_ϥ_Ϧ_ϧ_Ϩ_ϩ_Ϫ_ϫ_Ϭ_ϭ_Ϯ_ϯ_ϰ ϱ_ϲ_ϳ_ϴ_ϵ_϶_Ϸ_ϸ_Ϲ_Ϻ_ϻ_ϼ_Ͻ_Ͼ_Ͽ_Ѐ Ё_Ђ_Ѓ_Є_Ѕ_І_Ї_Ј_Љ_Њ_Ћ_Ќ_Ѝ_Ў_Џ_А Б_В_Г_Д_Е_Ж_З_И_Й_К_Л_М_Н_О_П_Р С_Т_У_Ф_Х_Ц_Ч_Ш_Щ_Ъ_Ы_Ь_Э_Ю_Я_а б_в_г_д_е_ж_з_и_й_к_л_м_н_о_п_р с_т_у_ф_х_ц_ч_ш_щ_ъ_ы_ь_э_ю_я_ѐ ё_ђ_ѓ_є_ѕ_і_ї_ј_љ_њ_ћ_ќ_ѝ_ў_џ_Ѡ ѡ_Ѣ_ѣ_Ѥ_ѥ_Ѧ_ѧ_Ѩ_ѩ_Ѫ_ѫ_Ѭ_ѭ_Ѯ_ѯ_Ѱ ѱ_Ѳ_ѳ_Ѵ_ѵ_Ѷ_ѷ_Ѹ_ѹ_Ѻ_ѻ_Ѽ_ѽ_Ѿ_ѿ_Ҁ ҁ_҂_҃_҄_҅_҆_҇_҈_҉_Ҋ_ҋ_Ҍ_ҍ_Ҏ_ҏ_Ґ ґ_Ғ_ғ_Ҕ_ҕ_Җ_җ_Ҙ_ҙ_Қ_қ_Ҝ_ҝ_Ҟ_ҟ_Ҡ ҡ_Ң_ң_Ҥ_ҥ_Ҧ_ҧ_Ҩ_ҩ_Ҫ_ҫ_Ҭ_ҭ_Ү_ү_Ұ ұ_Ҳ_ҳ_Ҵ_ҵ_Ҷ_ҷ_Ҹ_ҹ_Һ_һ_Ҽ_ҽ_Ҿ_ҿ_Ӏ Ӂ_ӂ_Ӄ_ӄ_Ӆ_ӆ_Ӈ_ӈ_Ӊ_ӊ_Ӌ_ӌ_Ӎ_ӎ_ӏ_Ӑ ӑ_Ӓ_ӓ_Ӕ_ӕ_Ӗ_ӗ_Ә_ә_Ӛ_ӛ_Ӝ_ӝ_Ӟ_ӟ_Ӡ ӡ_Ӣ_ӣ_Ӥ_ӥ_Ӧ_ӧ_Ө_ө_Ӫ_ӫ_Ӭ_ӭ_Ӯ_ӯ_Ӱ ӱ_Ӳ_ӳ_Ӵ_ӵ_Ӷ_ӷ_Ӹ_ӹ_Ӻ_ӻ_Ӽ_ӽ_Ӿ_ӿ_Ԁ ԁ_Ԃ_ԃ_Ԅ_ԅ_Ԇ_ԇ_Ԉ_ԉ_Ԋ_ԋ_Ԍ_ԍ_Ԏ_ԏ_Ԑ ԑ_Ԓ_ԓ_Ԕ_ԕ_Ԗ_ԗ_Ԙ_ԙ_Ԛ_ԛ_Ԝ_ԝ_Ԟ_ԟ_Ԡ ԡ_Ԣ_ԣ_Ԥ_ԥ_Ԧ_ԧ_Ԩ_ԩ_Ԫ_ԫ_Ԭ_ԭ_Ԯ_ԯ_԰ Ա_Բ_Գ_Դ_Ե_Զ_Է_Ը_Թ_Ժ_Ի_Լ_Խ_Ծ_Կ_Հ Ձ_Ղ_Ճ_Մ_Յ_Ն_Շ_Ո_Չ_Պ_Ջ_Ռ_Ս_Վ_Տ_Ր Ց_Ւ_Փ_Ք_Օ_Ֆ_՗_՘_ՙ_՚_՛_՜_՝_՞_՟_ՠ ա_բ_գ_դ_ե_զ_է_ը_թ_ժ_ի_լ_խ_ծ_կ_հ ձ_ղ_ճ_մ_յ_ն_շ_ո_չ_պ_ջ_ռ_ս_վ_տ_ր ց_ւ_փ_ք_օ_ֆ_և_ֈ_։_֊_֋_֌_֍_֎_֏_֐ ֑_֒_֓_֔_֕_֖_֗_֘_֙_֚_֛_֜_֝_֞_֟_֠ ֡_֢_֣_֤_֥_֦_֧_֨_֩_֪_֫_֬_֭_֮_֯_ְ ֱ_ֲ_ֳ_ִ_ֵ_ֶ_ַ_ָ_ֹ_ֺ_ֻ_ּ_ֽ_־_ֿ_׀ ׁ_ׂ_׃_ׄ_ׅ_׆_ׇ_׈_׉_׊_׋_׌_׍_׎_׏_א ב_ג_ד_ה_ו_ז_ח_ט_י_ך_כ_ל_ם_מ_ן_נ ס_ע_ף_פ_ץ_צ_ק_ר_ש_ת_׫_׬_׭_׮_ׯ_װ ױ_ײ_׳_״_׵_׶_׷_׸_׹_׺_׻_׼_׽_׾_׿_؀ ؁_؂_؃_؄_؅_؆_؇_؈_؉_؊_؋_،_؍_؎_؏_ؐ ؑ_ؒ_ؓ_ؔ_ؕ_ؖ_ؗ_ؘ_ؙ_ؚ_؛_؜_؝_؞_؟_ؠ ء_آ_أ_ؤ_إ_ئ_ا_ب_ة_ت_ث_ج_ح_خ_د_ذ ر_ز_س_ش_ص_ض_ط_ظ_ع_غ_ػ_ؼ_ؽ_ؾ_ؿ_ـ ف_ق_ك_ل_م_ن_ه_و_ى_ي_ً_ٌ_ٍ_َ_ُ_ِ ّ_ْ_ٓ_ٔ_ٕ_ٖ_ٗ_٘_ٙ_ٚ_ٛ_ٜ_ٝ_ٞ_ٟ_٠ ١_٢_٣_٤_٥_٦_٧_٨_٩_٪_٫_٬_٭_ٮ_ٯ_ٰ ٱ_ٲ_ٳ_ٴ_ٵ_ٶ_ٷ_ٸ_ٹ_ٺ_ٻ_ټ_ٽ_پ_ٿ_ڀ ځ_ڂ_ڃ_ڄ_څ_چ_ڇ_ڈ_ډ_ڊ_ڋ_ڌ_ڍ_ڎ_ڏ_ڐ ڑ_ڒ_ړ_ڔ_ڕ_ږ_ڗ_ژ_ڙ_ښ_ڛ_ڜ_ڝ_ڞ_ڟ_ڠ ڡ_ڢ_ڣ_ڤ_ڥ_ڦ_ڧ_ڨ_ک_ڪ_ګ_ڬ_ڭ_ڮ_گ_ڰ ڱ_ڲ_ڳ_ڴ_ڵ_ڶ_ڷ_ڸ_ڹ_ں_ڻ_ڼ_ڽ_ھ_ڿ_ۀ ہ_ۂ_ۃ_ۄ_ۅ_ۆ_ۇ_ۈ_ۉ_ۊ_ۋ_ی_ۍ_ێ_ۏ_ې ۑ_ے_ۓ_۔_ە_ۖ_ۗ_ۘ_ۙ_ۚ_ۛ_ۜ_۝_۞_۟_۠ ۡ_ۢ_ۣ_ۤ_ۥ_ۦ_ۧ_ۨ_۩_۪_۫_۬_ۭ_ۮ_ۯ_۰ ۱_۲_۳_۴_۵_۶_۷_۸_۹_ۺ_ۻ_ۼ_۽_۾_ۿ_܀ ܁_܂_܃_܄_܅_܆_܇_܈_܉_܊_܋_܌_܍_܎_܏_ܐ ܑ_ܒ_ܓ_ܔ_ܕ_ܖ_ܗ_ܘ_ܙ_ܚ_ܛ_ܜ_ܝ_ܞ_ܟ_ܠ ܡ_ܢ_ܣ_ܤ_ܥ_ܦ_ܧ_ܨ_ܩ_ܪ_ܫ_ܬ_ܭ_ܮ_ܯ_ܰ ܱ_ܲ_ܳ_ܴ_ܵ_ܶ_ܷ_ܸ_ܹ_ܺ_ܻ_ܼ_ܽ_ܾ_ܿ_݀ ݁_݂_݃_݄_݅_݆_݇_݈_݉_݊_݋_݌_ݍ_ݎ_ݏ_ݐ ݑ_ݒ_ݓ_ݔ_ݕ_ݖ_ݗ_ݘ_ݙ_ݚ_ݛ_ݜ_ݝ_ݞ_ݟ_ݠ ݡ_ݢ_ݣ_ݤ_ݥ_ݦ_ݧ_ݨ_ݩ_ݪ_ݫ_ݬ_ݭ_ݮ_ݯ_ݰ ݱ_ݲ_ݳ_ݴ_ݵ_ݶ_ݷ_ݸ_ݹ_ݺ_ݻ_ݼ_ݽ_ݾ_ݿ_ހ ށ_ނ_ރ_ބ_ޅ_ކ_އ_ވ_މ_ފ_ދ_ތ_ލ_ގ_ޏ_ސ ޑ_ޒ_ޓ_ޔ_ޕ_ޖ_ޗ_ޘ_ޙ_ޚ_ޛ_ޜ_ޝ_ޞ_ޟ_ޠ ޡ_ޢ_ޣ_ޤ_ޥ_ަ_ާ_ި_ީ_ު_ޫ_ެ_ޭ_ޮ_ޯ_ް ޱ_޲_޳_޴_޵_޶_޷_޸_޹_޺_޻_޼_޽_޾_޿_߀ ߁_߂_߃_߄_߅_߆_߇_߈_߉_ߊ_ߋ_ߌ_ߍ_ߎ_ߏ_ߐ ߑ_ߒ_ߓ_ߔ_ߕ_ߖ_ߗ_ߘ_ߙ_ߚ_ߛ_ߜ_ߝ_ߞ_ߟ_ߠ ߡ_ߢ_ߣ_ߤ_ߥ_ߦ_ߧ_ߨ_ߩ_ߪ_߫_߬_߭_߮_߯_߰ ߱_߲_߳_ߴ_ߵ_߶_߷_߸_߹_ߺ_߻_߼_߽_߾_߿_
posted by NCommander on Sunday April 26 2015, @07:59PM   Printer-friendly
from the blob dept.
Testing one two
PDF: Report PDF
posted by NCommander on Thursday June 26 2014, @07:09AM   Printer-friendly
from the my-ears-are-still-ringing dept.
First off, before we get into this, I do want to apologize for a delayed response. I had to sit, and think long and hard about the on subscriptions feedback before responding. The largest points I got out of this is that too broad, too complex, and too expensive. There was some choice comments that I'm going to highlight below and address below. It quickly became apparent it was to the point I need to scrap it and go back to the drawing board. So let's try this again:
SN Subscription - $20 USD per year
  • Subscriber Badge
  • Early Access To Features (i.e. Improved Threading, to help work bugs out before roll out to the general community)
  • Exemption from ads if we ever run any
  • Full comment histories/access to database-intensive operations
  • No rate limiting/spam filtering

Subscription can either be bought, or gifted to anyone. From the feedback we got, $20 USD per year (approximately $1.66 USD per month) would roughly be the right "sweet spot" for people.

Compared to the Other Site, the primary difference in subscriptions between us and them, is ours are time-based vs. usage based, and we're not offering early access to stories, or the +1 subscription pseudo-moderation. I thought fairly hard about this, and given the community feedback, simply because you do (or don't) pay for subscription does not make you a better or worse user. I also saw many people concerned that we were going to implement a "pay to post"-like system. Let me lay this down; we are NOT going to do this; this site exists for the community, and the principles I laid out in the manifesto clearly state "We will be the best site for independent, not-for-profit journalism on the internet, where ideas can be presented and free discussion can take place without external needs overshadowing the community." To require a user to go through a paywall, or have to financially contribute to this site to be an active proponent would fly in the face of that.

Why We Want Money

On a basic level, any website needs some form of income to run, if only to pay for hosting/domain fees. At the moment, we pay approximately $300 USD per month (~$3600 per year) for 10 servers, 6 which are used in the operation of the main page and secondary services like the wiki and email, with the other four being used for either staff needs, backup, or other miscellaneous services. We could, if necessary, consolidate services down to fewer nodes, with the cost of creating more single-points of failure within our infrastructure, but for right now, we have a fair bit of excess capability. If two-hundred people buy subscriptions, that would give us enough revenue to cover the hosting costs, with a bit left over in case of emergency. I'm fairly confident given the feedback I've seen from the community that subscriptions would be sufficient to cover our basic operating expenses. However, it would not be enough to forge ahead with my master plan for SN.

It has been no secret that I've wanted to build SN into something more that just a news aggregator, and engage in independent journalism; in my perfect world, I'd love to have SoylentNews have a few full-time paid staff for site development and management, and some full time/part time authors who research topics, and post articles here based on findings; for example, creating a continuation of Groklaw by hiring a paralegal to research, and summarize various tech-related court cases. Or alternatively, have the ability to pay a staff member to travel to various conferences like and provide real-time reporting of the event. In my perfect world, any user could come to us with a proposal for an article, write it up, have it reviewed by the editorial team, and get some contribution for their efforts; the main page would slowly migrate from pure aggregation to a mixture of original content, and aggregated content, with the ability to filter either out.

I realize we are a long way from that point, even at my most optimistic predictions, I only expected to be able to hire, at best, one person full time in the near future. I also have come to the realization that while I believe subscriptions could cover the "core expenses" of SN such as hosting, by itself, would be insufficient to reach the goals I want to see SN reach.

Why We Haven't Discussed Pure Donations

A comment that was repeated a couple dozen times is why we just don't have a "tip jar" or such on the site. The problem has been a matter of legal restrictions on accepting donations. On Monday, I met with an accountant to help us setup our books, and determine what tax liabilities we will have, as well as a matter of discussing various methods of raising income. In our earlier research, and with previous discussions with a lawyer, we learned that to raise donations, we need to be licensed to do so. Unfortunately, such licensing has to be done in the state in which the money is coming from; that is to say, to accept money from US citizens, we'd have to be licensed in all 50 states, and now had this re-confirmed by my CPA. In more simple terms, we can offer goods and services without issue, however, merely accepting money is difficult, and time-consuming.

Furthermore, most donation services such PayPal and Amazon appear to limit their offerings to non-for-profit/501(c)(3) organizations. While it is not illegal for a properly licensed for-profit to fundraise, it doesn't appear there is a quick, out of the box solution we could use for doing so. That being said, there appears to be a partial out; third party organizations can fundraise on your behalf; this is how crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo are able to function.

Given feedback, I'm beginning to look at the possibility of trying to crowdfund SN to try and raise money by putting together a solid presentation on the future of the site, and then have annual crowdfunding events to keep expanding and building out the site. This would be in-line with the philosophy that "SoylentNews is People", as we'd literally be funded by people, for people. We're still a fair bit out from doing this, and I want to make sure that this is a direction the community is conformable heading in, so a more in-depth discussion of crowdfunding is out of place. Once we've finished incorporation (hopefully next week), and have the subscription infrastructure fully setup, I will open the floor to discussing more longer term goals.

On The Topic Of Advertising

Besides donations, the second most common topic was on advertising. From your comments, it appears the vast majority of you would be more-or-less OK if we ran it, as long as the ads themselves were not obnoxious, and avoided heavy tracking/JS/etc. We are holding this option in reserve for now, but I'm hesitant to enact it for a couple of reasons. First, I'm almost certain the vast majority of our community uses things like AdBlock Pro and such to filter out adversing, which would drastically limit any revenue we could receive. In addition, to run advertising would require us keep our sponsors happy, and many of the ad networks I looked at may have issues due to comments posted on the site. TVTropes, for instance, ended up self-censoring themselves due to issues with their ad partners. We can get around this problem by self-managing, and self-hosting ads, but this leads into my next issue.

Furthermore, I find that running ads would make the site look "less professional". While in general, we're a rather informal bunch, having large ad banners on top and on the sides would detract from the usability of the site. Ads, to be blunt, are tacky, gum up site performance, and often times look very out of place. Most of the reason that our site is quick and responsive is that aside from the piWik javascript code, we've got no third-party scripts embedded in the site, and have removed almost all non-essential JS from the site layout.

That is not to say the problem is insurmountable, Reddit, for instance, has a small box with "interesting links", at the top of most pages, with the default content being a sponsored link which anyone could buy. I could see a similar sort of box here, which has a collection of interesting content from the previous week, and sponsored links (to journal posts/articles/etc) which would either sit on the main index, or in the corner were the current parade of icons sits.

Right now though, I'd prefer to simply avoid the issue for now, and return to it at a later date if we need to.

Addressing Specific Comments

There were a fair number of comments that I think needed a broader answer, so I've collected a subset (reposted inline here) to respond to:
Sponsored Content by VLM

How about for $10 you'll post an article of my choice clearly brightly identified as being sponsored by me and linked to my profile and comments are completely uncensored although any/all editors have full veto approval. $10 isn't high enough to push your moral/ethical boundaries (I hope) yet its high enough that "one" per day does add up to a couple grand per year, or the equivalent of thousands of subs. Would not want to see "ten" per day. "two" on a slow news day, eh maybe OK.

Sponsored content is something that has come up a few times in the past in discussing various revenue models. I'm not inherently against such a thing, but the other site fiddled with trying this, and essentially created a new form of slashverisment. Now, obviously with editorial and veto authority, we could limit such things, but I'm struggling to see what may get posted that we wouldn't already run. We could perhaps change the QA/Ask Soylent topic into "paid questions", and run those on occasion. I think the question to the broader community is, what forms of sponsored content would you like to be able to 1. purchase for yourself 2. be willing to tolerate.

My 2/100 of $1.00 USD by martyb

Separately, I like swag (especially coffee mugs). Make it limited edition by including the year or something in/on it. Maybe combine the two ideas? Pick your choice of swag and offer whatever donation you think it's worth.

Even better, offer a swag item that is unique to SN: a DVD or USB-stick which would boot up with a copy of the site as it now stands. For an extra 20%, it could even be autographed by the NCommander, himself. Soon to be a collector's item!

Swag is another good way we can raise money. I'd definitely be willing to create some sort of SN-on-a-stick w/ sanitized database which someone could purchase, stick in their computer, and pull up a local copy of SoylentNews in all its glory, as well as perhaps create some unique items (i.e., coffee cups, etc) available for sale. If its someone reasonable, I think we could look at selling it; ideas welcome below.

What About a Custom Slash Instance? by prospectacle

Who better to offer custom-slash-instance hosting?

While all users get a journal, paid users could get a virtualised slash instance, to run their own complete forum (a "super journal")

Bottom tier could have your own slash forum at A control panel could offer various simple customisations, such as colours, fonts, sidebar links, logos, etc.

More advanced (expensive) tiers could have more customisation options (use your own domain, control karma and mod-point settings, etc)

The most expensive tier would give the user a complete virtual machine with a full slash install, the ability to modify the slash source code (as well as use the simpler control-panel configurations), maybe a domain name is thrown in (chosen by the user, but organised and maintained by SN) or you can bring your own. Plus your own email/irc/wiki servers. Your "subscriber site" or whatever you would call it, could be linked to next to your name or sig, when posting to SN proper.

We've actually looked at doing something like this; there is partial support for this kind of functionality in slashcode already (the nexus feature, which is live on dev, and is pending a wildcard SSL cert before going live here. The intent is that once the feature was built out more, we could have a "sub-slash" system (conceptually similar to sub-reddits), in which users could follow various nexuses on any topic, and users could create their own (possibly paying a one-time cost to do so), either existing as, or perhaps with their own custom domain name.

Functionality wise, we're still quite a ways out from implementing this (most of the admin code would require re-factoring to make it fly), but it would allow users to create their own communities within SN, i.e., a community dedicated to DIY, or one dedicated to minecraft or gaming), each with its own staff overseeing it, and the ability to submit any article to the main page.