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Funding Goal
For 6-month period:
2020-01-01 to 2020-06-30
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posted by chromas on Thursday March 01 2018, @06:26AM   Printer-friendly
from the You-can't-tell-me-what-to-say-you-can't-say dept.

Full article found at Current Affairs:

I have been told, over and over and over again, that college kids these days are hypersensitive snowflakes who can't tolerate opposing opinions and don't believe in free speech. They are so devoted to Tolerance and Diversity that they cannot take a joke, they think everything is a microaggression, and they want to slap "trigger warnings" on anything that may offend their political sensibilities. We have, on American college campuses, a new generation of spoiled, coddled, and censorious whiners who favor stifling dissenting opinions over constructively engaging with them. (I'm presenting this line of thinking in its most extreme form, but I don't think it's wrong to say that this is roughly the kind of sentiment one commonly hears about college students.)

But it looks like it may all be fake news.

More importantly, though, we can see here why reaching broad conclusions from sets of anecdotes is inadvisable. There are around 2,600 four-year universities in the United States. Friedersdorf tried to compile all of the most outrageous instances from a single year, and found about 10 of them. Those 10 were probably roughly evenly distributed according to the political affiliation of the students; i.e. there are more shutdown attempts by liberal students than conservative students, but students are also more liberal.

From the conclusion:

It's time then, to stop talking in stereotypes. Students are, for the most part, just like everybody else: they believe in free speech, but they also have an instinct for censorship. The tendencies that critics describe do exist, but their mistake is in taking the tendencies as the rule rather than the exception. Controversial speakers do, for the most part, get to come to speak, and images of millennials as uniquely sensitive and authoritarian are a misleading and unfair slight against a perfectly decent generation.

Original Submission

The whole piece strikes this submitter as worth the read, as it is replete with facts and studies, as well as coming from a point of view of actual experience at universities.

posted by fyngyrz on Tuesday February 27 2018, @10:45PM   Printer-friendly
from the dept dept.

This is a test sample story. It is intended to provide fyngyrz with an opportunity to flail away at some sample verbiage.

All right, that was fun. :)

So, is there an editorial guidelines page? Rules for changing text (strikeouts, just do it, or what)?


Original Submission

posted by chromas on Sunday February 25 2018, @06:41AM   Printer-friendly
from the teste dept.

This is my story for Chromas. This story should be set to release today 25 Feb at 1500 UTC.

Original Submission

posted by Dopefish on Saturday February 03 2018, @11:45PM   Printer-friendly
from the yeah,-nah dept.

*SPOILER* (click to show) *SPOILER* (click to hide)

There is no text here.

*SPOILER* (click to show) *SPOILER* (click to hide)

Spoilers are lame anyway.

*SPOILER* (click to show) *SPOILER* (click to hide)

Unless you're me. *SPOILER* (click to show) *SPOILER* (click to hide)

Any spolier I make is... *SPOILER* (click to show) *SPOILER* (click to hide)


[More after the break]

Original Submission

Ironically, the answer is yes.

posted by The Mighty Buzzard on Wednesday January 31 2018, @07:33PM   Printer-friendly
from the twitter can suck my cock dept.

Fucking stupid twitter.

Original Submission

posted by The Mighty Buzzard on Wednesday January 31 2018, @06:19PM   Printer-friendly
from the i-fucking-hate-twitter dept.

Bloody stupid Twitter.

Original Submission

posted by The Mighty Buzzard on Wednesday January 31 2018, @05:52PM   Printer-friendly
from the foo dept.

This is a test story at Sun Aug 13 16:03:38 2017

Original Submission

posted by The Mighty Buzzard on Wednesday January 31 2018, @04:34PM   Printer-friendly
from the test dept.
test for spoiler paulej72

multi line test for spoiler

line 2


<sarcasm>me is fine</sarcasm>

<sarcasm>kill me now</sarcasm>

Original Submission

posted by Bytram on Wednesday January 24 2018, @06:45AM   Printer-friendly
from the this-'space'-for-rent dept.

Issue: #402: Comments with no apparent subject using a unicode space

Chromas used a unicode space or zero-width space character to make a comment with no apparent subject. When you get a Message about receiving the comment, the CID is not clickable like it normally would be.

Added 20180115_194523 UTC

There are two comments posted to a journal article and one comment posted to a main page story.

Another view of the subjects in these cases:

mysql> SELECT sid,cid,uid,hex(subject) FROM comments WHERE cid IN (559159, 559241, 568360);
| sid   | cid    | uid | hex(subject)             |
| 21276 | 559159 |  34 | E2808BE2808BE2808BE2808B |
| 21276 | 559241 |  34 | E2808BE2808BE2808BE2808B |
| 21579 | 568360 |  34 | E281A0E2808B             |
3 rows in set (0.00 sec)

See Also: "Unicode Character 'ZERO WIDTH SPACE' (U+200B)" "Unicode Character 'WORD JOINER' (U+2060)"

Original Submission

posted by Bytram on Thursday December 14 2017, @02:40PM   Printer-friendly
from the early-Christmas-gift dept.

Here is a summary of the problems that have been reported against SoylentNews and that have been addressed in the release labelled: "December 2017"

  • Pull Request: #414 addresses:
    • Issue: #279 "Add min karma for the journals slashbox"

      Accounts signing up then posting commercial spam Journal entries in order to appear on most user's view of the main SN site, within the Most Recent Journal Entries box. Whilst offering zero other contribution to the community.

      A. Most Recent Journal Entries only to be populated with Journal entries by accounts with a Karma > N. 5 to be the initial value for N (that would hide all currently seen Journal spam from view), but should be an easily tweaked parameter should we need to revisit this threshold).

      B. Addition of a link to "Unfiltered Most Recent Journal Entries" to be added to the bottom of the Most Recent Journal Entries rehashbox so users can easily compare the filtered to unfiltered lists.

      This change will need to be clearly announced and rationale explained. We will also need to monitor effectiveness in case spam accounts begin to farm Karma in order to route around this change.

  • Pull Request: #420 addresses:

Original Submission