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posted by Dopefish on Sunday February 16 2014, @07:30AM   Printer-friendly
from the you-get-what-you-pay-for dept.

mrbluze writes

"In the ongoing fallout from the problematic Obamacare website launch, John McAfee gave his perspective on the troubled project as reported in Day On The Day:

'The company used Indian programmers—in India—to code using Java Script. On the user's computer…Just bizarre,' he said.

McAfee also pointed out security flaws in the website, and those flaws are in addition to the scammers who will build fake websites just to get personal information. He said the hacker aspect was only one of the problems in 'an error ridden system.'"

[Ed. Note] Now that individuals will be more or less compelled to sign up, what implications will this have on information security?

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So, as I write this, day one has officially come to an end. I'm still somewhat in shock over it. Last night when I was editing the database to change over hostnames and such, I was thinking, man, it would be great if we got 100 regular users by tomorrow. Turns out I was wrong. By a factor of ten. Holy cow, people. I'm still in a state of disbelief, partially due to the epic turnout, but also because our very modest server hardware hasn't soiled itself from the influx (the numbers are, well, "impressive" is a way to put it). Anyway, I wanted to do a bit of a writeup of where we stand now, what works, and what doesn't. Check it out (and some raw numbers) after the break! Warning, it is a bit lengthy.

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