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posted by martyb on Thursday January 15 2015, @12:14PM   Printer-friendly
from the subsubetc. dept.

According to:

"We're adding standard support for sub/sup/abbr/strike tags. We're also adding support for the custom tags sarc/sarcasm and two forms of a "user" tag."

Let's submit a story with each of these in it:

SUB: thissubthat

SUP: thissupthat

ABBR: thisabbrthat

STRIKE: thisstrikemethat

SARC: this<sarcasm>that</sarcasm>and the other thing

SARCASM: this<sarcasm>that</sarcasm>and the other thing

Submitted as "Plain Old Text"

Looked okay in submit story preview window... now clicking "SubmitStory".


Looked correct when I first loaded the submission to review for acceptance to the main page... NOTE: the above ABBR tag had a single word as its title attribute value and made it through, correctly, to the first display of the submitted story.

Pressing "preview" button in story submission review screen:

Now, on the "Previewed" page:

1.) The ABBR phrase was deleted.

2.) The STRIKE phrase was also deleted. (

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