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posted by The Mighty Buzzard on Monday August 24 2020, @11:51AM   Printer-friendly
from the douchebag dept.

Test comments with Preview here.


AutoBan if at least 2/3 of the words in one of these wordlists is present in a comment.

  1. monkey,business,tortured,slave,raped,exclusive,sun
    (7 words; AB if at least 5 of these words are present)
  2. marissa,van,eck,fakename,nigger,cunt,real,disorder
    (8 words; AB if at least 6 of these words are present)
  3. chicken,cow,pig,rat,moose,catfish
    (6 words; AB if at least 4 of these words are present)
  4. past,influence,exact,wood,communist,slide,punish
    (7 words; AB if at least 5 of these words are present)

Comments for fuzzy matching (i.e., to see if an attempted comment matches one of these, and if so, gets "caught" as such):

  1. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Phasellus ac nisi mattis elit cursus facilisis. Sed viverra eros libero, tristique commodo nibh rhoncus et. Nulla dapibus purus sit amet imperdiet dictum. Sed dapibus lorem in aliquet pulvinar. Maecenas rhoncus luctus lectus. Sed eget nisi tortor. Donec cursus enim ac viverra ornare. Vestibulum ante ipsum primis in faucibus orci luctus et ultrices posuere cubilia curae; Sed eu pellentesque odio. Pellentesque vel nunc consequat, interdum turpis nec, condimentum mi. Etiam quis aliquet magna. Phasellus non lobortis nibh. Praesent elementum id nunc nec rutrum.

  2. Vivamus quis sapien non arcu varius dictum. Nulla eleifend magna ut sem ultrices, id fringilla arcu varius. Orci varius natoque penatibus et magnis dis parturient montes, nascetur ridiculus mus. Cras non neque leo. Etiam auctor rhoncus odio in tincidunt. Maecenas vehicula egestas dignissim. Praesent efficitur aliquam mauris a vestibulum. Proin quis purus non diam ultricies placerat ut ut dolor. Donec lacus ante, malesuada cursus ipsum eu, dapibus vestibulum arcu. Phasellus ultrices tempor dictum. Pellentesque pretium et metus id maximus. Pellentesque consequat justo eget congue vehicula. Vivamus ultricies, neque ac accumsan suscipit, nibh leo pharetra nulla, ut sollicitudin augue tellus non elit.

  3. Nam magna quam, venenatis quis ultrices vel, bibendum in est. Vivamus interdum ante odio, tristique accumsan nulla elementum at. Mauris non fringilla leo. Sed ac condimentum mi. Pellentesque feugiat sapien hendrerit, mollis nibh at, pulvinar odio. Aliquam sagittis fermentum felis, vitae ullamcorper ipsum ornare et. Nam quis cursus massa. Nulla facilisi. Aliquam id molestie arcu. Donec facilisis ligula vitae elementum aliquet. Aenean ultricies urna eget dolor tempus, gravida suscipit enim bibendum. Aliquam aliquam commodo lacus, ac imperdiet dui congue at. Integer semper gravida dolor, sit amet molestie felis consequat sit amet. Phasellus suscipit elit sagittis gravida semper. Etiam tincidunt ipsum nisi, vel eleifend ligula sagittis eget. Nullam cursus, lectus ac bibendum fringilla, tortor mi fermentum leo, nec tristique urna orci eget massa.

  4. Marissa Van Eck FAKENAME NIGGER CUNT Azuma Hazuki: So "that was NOT me posting" [] which YES, you said when you LIBELED me publicly BEFORE it with YOU saying "So that's a "yes" to schizophrenia/schizoaffective disorder and a "no" to "am taking meds for said disorder" LIBELING ME then...?" per YOUR [] you stupid pitiful FAKENAME fuck online LIAR piece of fucking SHIT NIGGER?


    Was it when I GOT YOUR REAL NAME & found you are a satanist/anti-god HERE [] also which most ALL you "LEFTIST" LOSER weirdos usually are (which YES, in THIS other exchange "Why do you assume that you finding discussion threads on other sites with me in them will scare me?" quoted from [] you DID admit FINALLY to saying it was you - ESPECIALLY AFTER dozens of doctors RECENTLY seconded me on Hydroxychloroquin + Zinc (& Vitamin D3 imo along w/ other things I noted that are anti-viral + antibacterial like RAW GARLIC too)).

    Do me a favor - DENY ANY OF THOSE, please & I will continue PROVING YOU ARE A NIGGER SHITBAG LOSER, devil... as I already DID here []

    The TRUE BEAUTY of SATANIST FUCKS like YOU (antigod assholes)? TRUTH & FACT DESTROYS LIBELOUS DEVILS LIKE YOU - just like I did you & OTHER AHOLES who doubted what I wrote on what is NOW PROVEN TRUE by DOCTORS, admitted in mainstream media etc. (as I showed in those links' exchanges above easily) & especially LATELY by DOZENS of doctors (I have proof from pros - NOT LIBEL like you did to me PUBLICLY & I can still FRY YOU FOR IT FUCKER, live in fear fuck) MINUS any psych pros backing you.

    SAY 1 THING, YOU STINKING LIBELOUS NIGGER FUCK & I will CONTINUE LEVELLING YOU PUBLICLY with facts - not libel as you tried on me, stupid "Marissa von DUMBO", lol - please, say 1 thing & the BEATING on you, PUBLICLY will continue in this thread where you will have a HELL of a TIME "downmod burying it" via downmod brigades doubtless ONLY yourself via multiple sockpuppet accounts etc. (downodding to HIDE it? FORGET IT vs. me - everyone sees you @ it now, lol - thanks, just as I SAID "your kind", demonic SWINE/antigod LOSERS, always do).


    TOUGH HIDING YOU LIED about LIBELING ME, especially via INHERENTLY DAMAGING STATEMENTS libeling me as you did see GOLDWATER RULE below too fuckface CUNT you are (wikipedia proof [] & you said "No jury or judge would back it" here [] Ok - like I said earlier here which you TRIED TO DOWNMOD HIDE as I knew you HAVE to (everyone sees it anyhow) - TRY ME FUCKER - say 1 thing you COWARDLY STUPID LITTLE FUCK & we'll SEE what happens to you, fuckface CUNT you are).

    As I said "DO YOU WANT TO BE SUED" for breaking the GOLDWATER RULE? See here again [] for YOUR (& everyone else's) reference of YOUR LIBEL of myself


    P.S.=> Oh, I am going to have a FIELDDAY on YOUR ASS fucker - catching you not ONLY IN LIES above, but also in the fact you are a GODLESS fucking LOSER - come on, say something, question the above where you LIED fucker ("it was not me saying it" but it WAS in those links calling me a nutcase essentially when YOU SAID YOU DID NOT (because it IS grounds for SUING THE LIFE OUT OF YOUR WORTHLESS ASS because your statements are NOT BACKED BY actual psychiatric pros in professional psychiatric grounds LIBELING ME)) - oh, you are NEVER going to LIVE THIS DOWN & believe you me - I am going to MAKE SURE you don't - live with your HUMILIATION loser... apk

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  • (Score: 2) by The Mighty Buzzard on Monday August 24 2020, @08:29PM (1 child)

    by The Mighty Buzzard (18) Subscriber Badge <> on Monday August 24 2020, @08:29PM (#31624) Journal

    completely mundane comment. should trigger nothing.

    • (Score: 2) by martyb on Wednesday August 26 2020, @09:38PM

      by martyb (76) on Wednesday August 26 2020, @09:38PM (#31625) Journal


      monkey,monkey, business,business, tortured,tortured, slave,slave, raped,raped, exclusive,exclusive, sun,sun


      monkey,monkey, business,business, tortured,tortured, slave,slave, raped,raped, exclusive,exclusive, sun,sun


  • (Score: 0) by Anonymous Coward on Thursday August 27 2020, @02:28PM

    by Anonymous Coward on Thursday August 27 2020, @02:28PM (#31626)

    marissa van real catfish hello abc def hij klm soylent news hello