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posted by robind on Thursday February 13 2014, @01:15AM   Printer-friendly
from the en-rusia-soviética dept.
Maow writes "ArsTechnica has a story up about another advanced malware infection discovered by Kaspersky that is thought to have been around since 2007, slurping up data from its targets.

Fortunately, you likely were not infected. Your government, however, might have been. Especially if you live in a Spanish-speaking country.

Calling it the most sophisticated malware-driven espionage campaign ever discovered, researchers said they have uncovered an attack dating back to at least 2007 that infected computers running the Windows, OS X, and Linux operating systems of 380 victims in 31 countries."

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    by janrinok (52) on Friday February 14 2014, @05:33PM (#113) Journal

    Its OK, they leave them in their suit trouser pocket when they send it to the cleaners... (GWB! I believe)

    It's always my fault...