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posted by charon on Saturday March 18 2017, @08:57PM   Printer-friendly
from the found-by-Mars-rover-during-testing dept.

In Chile a woody vine, Boquila trifoliolata, has been discovered to change the shape of its leaves depending on what tree is is climbing.

Further, the same single vine can drape from one tree to different species of tree, and it will match the shape and size of its leaves to those of each host only along that portion of its length.

Other vines are known to mimic one species of host, as a defense against herbivores, but this vine can mimic many, along its length.

Biologists say "It is unclear how B. trifoliolata vines discern the identity of individual trees and shape-shift accordingly." Speculation is that chemicals or microbes might trigger gene-activating signals that trigger leaf differentiation.

But left unsaid is how would the vine "learn" match the shape of its new host's leaf, how it would know it had succeeded, where it would acquire the genes to do so, and how many different trees it can mimic.

Don't you need eyes to copy someone else's look?

Original Submission

posted by cmn32480 on Saturday March 18 2017, @06:57PM   Printer-friendly
from the your-momma-wears-combat-boots dept.

Research has shown that smartphone sensors leave trackable fingerprints. Due to imperfections in the hardware manufacturing process, it is possible to distinguish different devices just from sensor data.

The researchers tested more than 100 devices over the course of nine months: 80 standalone accelerometer chips used in popular smartphones, 25 Android phones and two tablets.

The accelerometers in all permutations were selected from different manufacturers, to ensure that the fingerprints weren't simply defects resulting from a particular production line.

With 96-percent accuracy, the researchers could discriminate one sensor from another.

"We do not need to know any other information about the phone—no phone number or SIM card number," Dey said. "Just by looking at the data, we can tell you which device it's coming from. It's almost like another identifier."

Maybe this explains why Facebook would be interested in a fitness app.

Original Submission

posted by paulej72 on Tuesday March 14 2017, @11:10AM   Printer-friendly
from the new-lines-are-nice dept.

So the Dev Team has been hard at work fixing up issues with with the 17_02 release. We compiled all of your comments from the 17_02 Meta stories into a large bug and feature request list. We have been working on getting these issues fixed as soon as we can.

You may have noticed some changes over the last week that went out to fix some issues, and we just released some more fixes today.

Here is a list of the major fixes since the last story:

  1. Comment titles now act to trigger actions as well as the buttons.
  2. New icons for the buttons that are bigger and spaced out a bit more.
  3. Removed extra spacing for some of the modes when buttons are hidden. (Still needs some more work, but much better than before.)
  4. Changed how we set states for hidden threads so that the individual comments are not set hidden as well. This will lessen the number of clicks needed to open a comment in this case.
  5. Flat comment mode will now show a comment's children when look at comment (cid is set).
  6. Temp fix for Content Security Policy eating CSS when not on
  7. Domain Tags now show in comments.
  8. Fixed broken messages when looking at them from
  9. Fixed for @user: shortcut links that would eat a character after the ":".

Continuation of:
Site Update 17_2
Comments Redux
Site Update: The Next Episode
Site Update - Taking a Breather
Outstanding Issues

So if you see any new bugs that you think are related to these changes, or just want to let us know about an ongoing issue, please feel free to comment below.

Here are the currently known bugs that we are working on:

  1. When viewing the list of messages you have received, the "Select All" checkbox has stopped working because we removed Javascript.
  2. There are still features of the old "Nested" display mode that are not reproduced in the new "Threaded-TOS" / "Threaded-TNG" display modes.
  3. Issues with Expand/Collapse comment tree versus Hide/Show comment tree.
  4. We are aware of issues with our (stricter) Comment Security Policy (CSP) support; especially accessing the site from TOR/Onion and from the deprecated URL — one should use: instead, but we are still trying to handle that automatically.
  5. Pagination and Redirects; there are known issues with implementation of the "&page=" parameter in the URL, especially when "&cid=" is also specified. For example, I have my page size set to 20 comments, someone else has the default of 100 comments, and I refer to a comment on my page 4, which is still on page 1 for the other person.
  6. In URLs, we currently use "&noupdate=" to toggle when the "*NEW*" flag and comment dimming take effect. has nock-on side effects that were not anticipated. Are planning to change to the reverse sense: "&update=", instead.
  7. Lost functionality during upgrade: Sort order by comment score.
  8. User Journal link missing in details bar
  9. Pick sane default for AC mode and for Threshold/Breakthrough
  10. Some people are still having issues with previously-seen comments' dimming. Not so much that they are dimmed, but in how they are dimmed. Maybe dim the only the title? Maybe change the color?
  11. Spoiler tag needs to be triggered by text.
  12. Buttons on phones might still be too small since mobile browsers like to resize the text larger making everything else too small
  13. bug chrome/android phone when previewing comment messes up text size in edit box -- actually, slashboxes on RHS disappear after submitting comment or performing comment moderation. Resulting display area is much wider, so displayed font size is reduceed by approximately 40%.
  14. Possibly add date and time to collapsed comment title.

And here are the feature requests:

  1. Create moderation feeback as a modal dialog box via CSS (med term project).
  2. <code> tag support and styling.
  3. Edit after post (with limits).
  4. Markdown support for comments. (long term project)
  5. Button to reset all comments to unread (should be a quickie).
  6. New tags should not display for the first time a story is shown (may be a complicated issue to resolve).
posted by martyb on Sunday February 19 2017, @09:05PM   Printer-friendly

At the moment, no matter what Breakthrough/Threshold setting I choose, every Top Level Comment (TLC) is displayed fully expanded.


Consider what the "Deuteronomy child bride", "Penis Bird", and "Cheap Canadian V14gra" users would make of knowing that they can make sure that their TLC will always appear in full.

posted by martyb on Sunday February 19 2017, @08:53PM   Printer-friendly

For the following "T:" denotes setting for Threshold and "B:" denotes a setting for Breakthrough.

Am I missing something or shouldn't: (T:-1, B:5) produce the same result as: (T:5, B:-1)

Under Threaded-TOS, I'm seeing different results on: where the highest score for a comment is: 2.

T:-1, B:5 --

T:5, B:-1 --

Based on what I understand, T:-1, B:5 Says show me everything (scoring -1 or better) in full (oh, and boost visibility of those scoring 5 or better) -- but we are already selecting to show everything anyway

OTOH, T:5, B:-1 Says show me only those scoring 5 or better (there are none for that story), but boost all those scoring -1 or better, which is ALL of the comments, so it again selects to display everything.

posted by martyb on Thursday February 16 2017, @11:13PM   Printer-friendly

It would be helpful for the user to have a label to explain what the seemingly barren "(1)" that appears in two places on a story actually means. Granted, on stories with enough comments, and that actually spills over onto additional pages, there is a bit more of an indication, but it could be made explicitly clear by adding just two lines to one template.

Extended copy has the updated version of the template. The two lines which contain only "Page:" are all it takes.

[% IF !((total < user.commentlimit) || (user.commentlimit < 1)) && (legacy == "yes") %]
        [% pages = total / user.commentlimit %]
        <div class="linkCommentPage">
        [% FOREACH p = [1 .. pages] %]
                [% start = user.commentlimit * p %]
                [% IF p != 0 %] | [% END %]
                [% IF start == form.startat || (!form.startat && p == 0) %]
                        <b>([% p %])</b>
                [% ELSE %]
                        [% Slash.linkComment({
                                sid     => sid,
                                pid     => pid,
                                cid     => cid,
                threshold => threshold,
                highlightthresh = highlightthresh,
                                subject => p,
                                subject_only => 1,
                                startat => (start ? start : 0),
                        }) %]
                [% END %]
        [% END %]

        [% IF user.breaking %]
                ([% constants.sitename %] Overload: CommentLimit [% user.commentlimit %])
        [% END %]
[% ELSIF (legacy == "no") %]
        <div class="linkCommentPage">
    [% = ( || 1) %]
    [% FOREACH p = [1 .. tpages] %]
        [% IF p != %]
            [% Slash.linkComment({
                sid    => sid,
                pid    => pid,
                cid    => cid,
                threshold => threshold,
                                highlightthresh = highlightthresh,
                subject => (p),
                                subject_only => 1,
                page    => (p),
            }) %]
        [% ELSE %]
            <b>([% p %])</b>
        [% END %]
    [% END %]
[% END %]

posted by martyb on Thursday February 16 2017, @10:58PM   Printer-friendly
from the tell-us-what-you-think dept.

For those who came here from our Third Anniversary Story... Welcome!

This story is for you. Feel free to play around with the new features, post comments, and moderate to your heart's content. If you find anything amiss or wish to discuss a feature or provide feedback, please comment here and/or leave a comment on the #dev channel on IRC.

posted by martyb on Wednesday February 15 2017, @10:14PM   Printer-friendly

20170215e - Test Story - Please DO NOT Moderate and DO NOT Post Comments - Comment Score Testing

The comment structure AND the comment scores have been carefully crafted - please do not touch. --martyb

There is one top-level comment (TLC); it has score: -1
That TLC has 4 children, respectively scored: -1, 0, 1, and 2.
EACH of those children has 4 children, respectively scored: -1, 0, 1, and 2.

-1     -1      -1

        0      -1

        1      -1

        2      -1

posted by paulej72 on Wednesday February 15 2017, @10:12PM   Printer-friendly
Getting hash instead of preview. Are we not using the hard coded generation? Do we need to keep the templates so this works?
posted by martyb on Wednesday February 15 2017, @05:03PM   Printer-friendly

Have a few issues with the new "[Continues...]" item which is automatically added to stories that have a non-empty "Extended Copy" section.

1) When editing a story, the "[Continues...]" text does not appear when I click on the "Preview" button.

2) Accidentally discovered it is implemented as a link, not just plain text, when I somehow clicked on it on the main page and saw the extended copy text suddenly appear... this is confusing. It looks exactly like the text we editors previously inserted into stories manually, but has a different effect -- need to visually distinguish it from the old-style, text-only version (e.g. one couldunderline the link but see next item).

3) Once I click on the "[Continues...]" link on the main page and see the expanded text, I see no way to re-collapse it. :(

4) May I suggest reusing the "Expand/Collapse comment" single-chevron that is employed in the new threaded comment code?

5) For completeness' sake, the prior 4 items were in the "Intro Copy" text box, and this item is at the top of the "Extended Copy" text box.